Our mission.

Our mission is to develop a Methodolgy and Technology to increase the link between physical activity and mental peak performance.

Designed by professional boxers and successful entrepreneurs, the Box Clever methodology is a combination based on the basic boxing theory and practice, combined with mindfulness and real-life strategies coaching, to inspire and to be used by everyone to achieve success in their professional and personal life.


A workout designed to inspire inner change through a championship mindset and full-body workout.

This workout is not designed to teach you how to fight with your hands, it’s to teach you to fight your way through life with your mind.

The Box-Clever workout will be the most empowering workout you ever tried!

For who?

Our workout are tailored and designed to physically and mentally empowered:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Young adults
  • Silver age (50+)
  • All levels of fitness

Mindfulness & Full-body workout

  • Support with an Interactive Video

  • 45 to 60 min full body training

  • Active mindfullness workout