About BoxBiz.

Our believes:

We believe in the importance of feeling happy and empowered at the workplace, to increase the level of performance in all areas of our life.

We believe in the multiple benefits of practising boxing and want to share these positive physical and mental outcomes by emerging our audience into a full Boxer experience, connecting the mind and the body, bringing people together, making them feel closer and better with themselves.

Our team of passionate and dedicated experts share their knowledges to offer the best service and achieve our mission to empower people.

What we do:

In collaboration with professional Boxing trainers, we provide workplaces with a dynamic boxing concept which can be done in any meeting, conference or event space.

Boxing being 95% about the mindset, we want to share the considerations of boxing session for better mental health impact:

  1. Encourage focus – being mindful and relaxed
  2. Stimulate the coordination, reflex, think quicker, discipline, self-awareness,etc.
  3. Emphasise breathing – sync breath with movements
  4. Encourage teamwork – helping each other during the session to form bonds
  5. Discuss stress – overcome the stigma through open dialogue about aims of session
  6. Encourage regular attendance

Our concept has been designed to use Boxing to build-up a mental strength as well as enjoying a full-body workout.